Our Club: The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP)

Who/ What:

The more than 60 members of HGCP are not only from the local Pittsburgh area, but from throughout distant locations around the Tri-State (Pennsylvania /Ohio /West Virginia) area.

The Glassblower, HGCP's monthly newsletter, is sent to each member prior to each upcoming meeting. It shares information about the previous month's program, upcoming meeting information, events and trip information.


HGCP meets the third Wednesday of every month from September through May. Optional dinners at the Crowne Plaza start at 6:30PM -- Club Meetings start at 7:45PM


We meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, across from Pittsburgh's South Hills Village, unless so noted on the calendar. Note the ACTIVE LINK to a map that will help you find the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

How Much?

Dues for the year are $20. If you think that you would like to attend a meeting to learn more about American Glass and our Club, please use the links and head to the Membership and/or the Contact Us pages. The optional dinner at the Crowne Plaza is $22.61 for members


March, April, MAY 2016 Programs have been updated.

Trea$urer’s Note

Betty DeSalvo
Thanks to all of you that have already sent in your dues. You don’t know how much it is appreciated and how it makes our entire process run a little better and on time!
Members that have not sent in your dues yet please do so soon. Don’t make me release the flying monkeys!!

Thank you so much!

April 2016 Message from Our President

Club President

Kathy Roth

Hope all of you enjoyed the beautiful weather on Easter Sunday. Looks as if spring is here to stay. At the last meeting in March the Nominating Com-mittee gave their report, which was:

Janna Eversmeyer, President
Josh Hvizdos, Vice President
Zita Reis, Secretary
Betty DeSalvo, Treasurer
Martin Fuess, Editor
Marilyn Hamay, Assistant Treasurer
Ron Coleman, Historian

At the April meeting we will be calling for nominations from the floor and then will proceed to the election of officers. This is the annual meeting of the club and a very important time to elect new officers for 2016-2017. Please consider serving as an officer.

Meet Our 2015-2016 Officers:

Your new officers for 2015-2016: (left to right)
Ron Coleman (Historian),
Martin Fuess (Corresponding Secretary),
Zita Reis (Recording Secretary),
Marilyn Hamay (Asst. Treasurer),
Betty DeSalvo (Treasurer),
Janna Eversmeyer (Vice President),
and Kathy Roth (President).

photo of HGCP club officers 2015


Our Charter

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) promotes the education, study, knowledge, appreciation, and history of American Glass, with emphasis on glass manufactured in the Pittsburgh region, as well as its relationship to useful and decorative arts.

Pickle Dish Whisk Broom photo

Made by the George Duncan & Sons Glass Co, Pittsburgh, Penn., circa 1880.
See patent number 16,607 granted
April 6, 1886 to G.W. Walter.

Photo Credit: Kathy Roth

Non-Profit Status

The Historical Glass Club of Pittsburgh (HGCP) is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization listed on the IRS website in their pub. 78 database

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